January 11, 2010

0 Surrounded by Pastures

This was the view from part of our walk. Not too shabby, huh? The tiny dots in the distance are sheep.

We have a lot of walking options as our house is literally surrounded by pastures. Yesterday we took the pooches on a trek through 3 pastures. According to www.mapmywalk.com (a wonderful site!) we looped 1.4 miles total- through mid-calf snow!

Max showing off his stylish raincoat. It mostly resembles the blankets worn constantly by horses here.

Sloan in her raincoat- hers is insulated! She is also showing how she patiently (ha!) waits for us to open gates.

The dogs running off lead. As long as there are no livestock in the pasture and you're on an established path, "voice control" is allowed. Whether or not they listen, we hope.

Paul stopped to give Max a snow drink. Max eats snow constantly, in our yard he will munch for 20 minutes at a time like a goat. This was more sensible, he was thirsty!

This picture appropriately shows Sloan's love of off-lead pasture walks. Obscuring Max's face you can see our Ordinance Map. This is a map showing all the established walking paths- a must!

Hopefully when you come to visit we can fit in some pasture walks- bring your wellies!!

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