January 8, 2010

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I know it's no fun to read me going on and on with no images, so here's the babies' version of England- it's cold!!
Sloan enjoys making nests out of blankets and couch pillows. She's discovered that wedging herself in this position is quite comfortable.

This isn't uncommon- piles of blankets on them. The pink bathrobe, for those of you unfamiliar with it, was literally stolen from me by Max back in winter '06 and has been his favorite blanket ever since.

He doesn't usually like his face covered. Normally his tush is, though.

Mia loves nesting in the dogs' bean bag beds and she LOVES blankets. Every morning around 6-7 we are greeted with a "Merow!" as she comes to snuggle under the covers with us. This would be more welcome if she was a silent generator... unfortunately for sleep her motor is quite loud :)

This is an old collapsible hamper Mia has taken over. It's upstairs in our clothes room and she's drug it under the radiator to make a quite warm little haven. If she's not in the way downstairs, chances are she's in this upstairs.

Very common site- Sloan under a blanket. She has even perfected walking around the house with a blanket over her. She wears her coats too, but seems to get sick of them, so usually we put them on her before outdoor play and then leave them on her until bedtime. Blankets are always welcome to her, though!

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