January 8, 2010

0 27 is a whole new year

My actual birthday was kind of lousy, Paul had to go into work to do some stuff and it took far longer than he expected, so by the time he got home I was in a bad mood and it was dark out. Today became Birthday 2.0, otherwise known as Gesci 27.1. We got up (later than I hoped, but earlier than usual) and went to the gym. Now, as you know, I am NOT a gym person, but I am also not a get out of breath walking up a hill with the dogs person, which lately I am, so I figure the tables can turn on the gym thing too.  After that we came home and walked the dogs, cause I feel bad exercising without them when they need it too, showered, then got in the car to go to Ripon.
Ripon is a fairly large town about 20 minutes north of us. It seems to have quite a bit going on, with lots of site-seeing places right around and in town and also tons of shops. Well, it was dark, freezing, and snowing, so we walked around a little, drove around a little, ate at a little pub- quite good scampi and curly fries for me, southern fried chicken burger and chips for Paul- then came home. Ripon is high on the "Go Back to on a Warmer Day" list. The street we drove into town on also has a section that is the most beautiful road- overhung by large arched trees and a gorgeous house or some sort of building down view. It was dusk when we drove through, so too dark for a good picture, but I'll definitely get one on here next time.

Side note- we had originally tried to go to Europe for a short break (2-4 days), but everything we found had cheap flight-pricey hotel or vice versa. Consequently, we decided to have a short break on the island. Scotland seemed out due to the poor weather so we decided to go to Wales. We found an excellent hotel deal and had started the planning, but hadn't quite booked online since we still didn't have a caretaker/kennel for the pets. Then the weather got worse. And worse. And worse. We canned the plans and decided to have a birthday trip for me in a month or two. Which was good, since 2 major highways in Wales are closed and other roads are considered impassable (yes- unable to pass through- also impossible though!).

As the days begrudgingly get longer I'll have more light and we'll do more adventures, leading to more pictures for all you people. Anyone planning to visit do let us know what you're interested in doing so we can either scout out the place or find deals for getting in- a lot of the sites are pricey, but deals can be found with planning!

Here's to 27!! (.1)

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