January 6, 2010

1 Let Me Introduce You

to my new neighbors. No, still haven't really met any humans, just a couple of names. But we have more exciting neighbors, at least as far as Sloan and Max are concerned.

There are nine sheep, they've been there since about the 2nd week of December. All are lame on one leg, so we're guessing "our" pasture is the hospital. Whatever, they don't mind us as much anymore and we are fairly used to them!

This is by far the most social sheep, he (or she, no clue here) is always at the front of the group and doesn't bounce away from us, even the dogs. The lower picture shows the steps down from our garden to the pasture- he stayed right there, even with both dogs at the gate and me taking pictures!

Anytime the dogs go outside they run to the pasture gate to check on the sheep- or burrow their heads in the hedge to see them better! Sloan has gotten stuck in the hedge once and got through once, but she didn't try to chase the sheep, just peed in the pasture and then smelled around while Paul wrangled her. While we don't allow the dogs access to the pasture with the sheep in it, I am not worried about them hurting the sheep. Sloan is generally scared of livestock and definitely not a herder. Max might "run" (haha, it's Max) after them to play, but he's harmless as well- he enjoyed the horses/donkeys/goats near us in Mountain Home- especially licking their noses!

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  1. Wow! Didn't even know you had a blog. Skype and now this...what a girl! I should communicate with my overseas so well...


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