September 3, 2009

1 Packing and Unpacking

We are driving back to Georgia next week for a three purpose trip. a) see family, friends, eat good food (Chik-fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, Doc Chey's, Dusty's, Caribou Coffee, yum!), b) take Jack to my in-laws who will be taking care of my first love for the next three years (sad!), c) take some of my grandma's old furniture to my sister/mom. This includes two bookshelves, an old sewing machine table, and a dining room table/chairs. Then we're bringing back a couch.

Currently this furniture is in our house. the bookshelves are, well, shelving books/dvds, and the dining room table is, well, Mia's perch to get to the windows (we don't really eat at it). Not a big deal to unload the bookshelves, just take the stuff off. Except our house is still plaintively begging someone to buy it, or even come look at it, so I have to pack up the stuff in the bookshelves and either stack the boxes in the garage or take them to our storage unit.

However, we get home late Sept, in the mid 20s, and our movers are coming Oct 4-5. So we plan to move out of the storage unit before Oct 1 so we don't have to pay Oct rent. So I have to move all those boxes back home, unpack them onto the floor in stacks of stuff (we really don't have a lot of furniture) and then sort our regular shipping from fast shipment.

Which brings me to another point- how do you estimate 950 lbs?? It seems like a TON (not literally), but obviously is not. Plus packing material weight. I think we're gonna send some sheets, our air mattress, towels, shower curtain, basic dishes, and clothes. Oh, and all 4 dog beds. Our dogs are brats, and Max doing without his couch for a month (I hope it's just a month!) is gonna be bad enough. Oh, and we're sending the vacuum with this stuff just so we can vacuum the house with the Dyson after the big shipment goes.

Meanwhile, in my regular life, I am finding the empty parts of my days to be kind of boring. Okay, really boring. I sit and stare at my FB home page. And try to avoid eating, cause I need to LOSE weight, not gain it. I have a thing every day (see previous post on appts!) but before/after those, well. I need to get back into my hobbies, but I don't want to set anything up or get into anything when I just have to take it down next week/not have it for 2-3 months soon. I did get a really cool photomosaic Lion King puzzle I am DYING to do, but I am gonna throw that in our early stuff so I have it to do in England before everything else. I have been reading a lot, that's good, but only my old Vanity Fairs (I only have 2 old issues left, down from 13!! ((I was really behind))). I am about to re-read an excellent series of books, The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, because not only is it historical fiction based in Scotland (yay!) but the new book comes out at the end of Sept. I have pre-ordered it and told Paul to confiscate it and give it to me on the plane so I can read it and distract myself from my babies down below. As I'm sure you can imagine, the thought of them flying grips my insides in sudden abject terror.

Well, this is long enough. Next time!

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  1. OMG, I love Outlander! When is the next book?!?!? I remember when Echo in the Bone came out, I was DYING in anticipation.
    Did you go to Outlander places in Scotland? Did you know there is an Outlander tour??
    (Should I stop asking questions that may be answered as I read forward through time in the blog? haha)


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