September 5, 2009

0 Dangers of Obsessive Planning

I have fallen in love with a house, as much as you can do over the internet (the perils of which I have heard from a good friend). It is a 5 bed, 2.5 bath "dormered bungalow" that seems mostly perfect. Ground floor has living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1 WC, and a conservatory. First floor has 2 bedrooms, en suite bathroom, and attached study. Obviously the master is upstairs, but we would stay downstairs for Max. The house is right on the street, but since Lucas died and Mia doesn't go outside that's less of a worry for me. There doesn't seem to be much yard, so I went to Google streetview and aerial maps (gotta love creepy technology!) and there isn't much, just a tiny bit good for a potty. However, on aerial view- there is a HUGE green area right behind the house. As in, walk through the hedges and you're there. I don't know if this is a park, a field, or just an empty area, but as long as no one's farming it, it seems like play/fetch space to me!! Only downside to the house is it's right under our rental allowance (so we wouldn't be able to add in any expenses like lawn care or utilities) and it's about 40 minutes from Paul's work. He says he's fine with that, because he'd rather have a great house, but I'd rather be closer.
Anyway, now just have to hope that no one rents this house over the next 1.5 months and it's as good in person. Oh, the room sizes are listed online and aren't too bad either.

Thursday the pets had their EU HC appt with Dr. Sabol and Friday we took the info to the USDA. Everyone passed, so that was great. Now just to get to the day before stuff and the flight... ugh.

I have noticed something funny the past couple of weeks. I am not a huge tv watcher, I have certain shows I love, I tivo them, and I'm happy. However, I am a little sad about not getting them in UK. We decided to get a slingbox and set it up at Paul's parents' house, so we will be able to watch our shows on the computer, which is nice. But as I've seen commercials for the new season about to start, it's a little bittersweet. Normally this time of year I would see an ad and think "Oooh, goody! Grey's Anatomy is back soon!" or "I have been itching for some Law and Order: SVU!" but now I just think "oh, great, I get 1-2 episodes, then nothing. for at least a month, probably longer."
I think my tv shows might be the donuts of this move. See, when I lived in GA I would get Dunkin Donuts or Hot Donuts Now Krispy Kreme every now and then, probably 1-2 times a month. I would have said I liked donuts, but not necessarily listed them as a "love" food. Since moving to Mtn Home, however, where there is only grocery store donuts, I have developed a horrible, yearning lust for donuts. My mother has even frozen some vanilla kreme filled Dunkin Donuts and brought them too me (they are delicious cold, don't knock it). There is a Krispy Kreme in Meridian, which, when I am up there (rarely) I have gotten donuts, but they're never hot. And, having grown up 15 minutes from a 24 hour Krispy Kreme (and knowing their baking sched. by heart in high school) I have a hard time eating not hot Krispy Kreme. I am hoping there's a good, not too pricey place to eat breakfast out near us in England, and I am hoping there's a great donut shop. Or a bakery that makes great donuts. But even if the slingbox works out perfectly, I am sure this move will have it's own donut...

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