September 2, 2009

0 Max's review

Dr. Acker said that Max's hip (or lack thereof) is doing well, not great, and not as well as he'd hoped but from what he expected it's good. 
 His elbows are worse on physical exam.
 However, Dr. Acker did not feel as though Max warranted rads today as long as I didn't want them- no need for more anesthesia unless the expert advises, I say! So that's great news.
Dr. Acker also gave me the names of two orthopedic surgeons he works with regularly in England, Malcolm Ness and Noel Fitzpatrick. Two great references for any future (ah-hem Sloan) TPLOs or other issues. He ALSO gave me his email and asked me to keep in touch regarding Max and please contact him if I ever have any questions/Max has any issues- then he didn't charge us for today's exam. What a wonderful man- we are so lucky to have found him here- Max is so lucky, as is my heart*.

So, since no rads, Max got a late breakfast then I took the pooches to play in the Wood River one last time. I drove home with two wet, tired dogs (not stinky, thank you Wood River!)

Feeling good and content- for today- more stress tomorrow!

*- Max and my heart are the same

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