September 1, 2009

2 Scheduling, scheduling

So many appts!
Drs appts for me, nothing special, just finals with the neurologist, 
a general pysical,
 and I need a gyno appt at the end of Sept., which is as usual horrible timing. 
 They can't get me in until 9/22, we are Home until the 27thish, 
and my birth control runs out the week of the 27th... fun.

The pets have appts this week, hopefully to finalize all their stuff other than the last International Health Certificate and tick/tapeworm treatment 24-48 hrs in advance, per Defra regulations. 
 Tomorrow Max and I (and probably Sloan cause she's a brat) go up to Ketchum for his final appt with Dr. Acker. Max is doing really well, but given the events of 2008 I'm not leaving without a last exam.
Thursday all three critters go into SAMC for their EU health certificates. I filled them out before I left, just needs a date and signature, so hopefully no issues on Friday when Paul and I take the paperwork up to the USDA for their stamp of approval.

I also have PT most days, scattered throughout.

Jack (my Jeep) had an appt Mon to get checked out, he and his new(er) engine are good to move to GA. Watson (Element) gets his oil changed Thursday.

Paul just scheduled the movers, or should I say rescheduled, as he initially had them scheduled to come when his friend is visiting 10/1-2. I told him we can just suck up 4 more days and so he rescheduled for 10/4-5, with our fast shipment on 10/8. So after we load up the furniture we're taking home and bring my couch back, we have to pile all our stuff on the floor (no more bookcases!) and bring all the stuff in the storage unit back in the house and then sort it into the two piles. all within 7 days. with a guest.
We're also hoping to get Watson to Seattle that week. and he needs a new windshield, which I would like to put on in Seattle, given that the highways here in the west seem to have rock throwing goblins hiding alongside them. All three cars need new windshields, Jack will be staying with Paul's parents, but he has a vertical top to bottom crack. Hoping to get his done in ATL after driving him home. The Explorer pretty much has it's own Mercedes sign chinked out, so we should get that replaced before we sell it. But it makes sense to do it after driving it across the country... but then we'll be pinched to leave. CRAP!


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