July 11, 2012

4 Oban

 Our trip to Scotland was painfully short:
we drove up (approx. 6 hours) on Thurday, stopping in Carlisle, and arrived about 6 PM; 
Friday started early with a ferry ride at 7:45AM and our day out to the small islands lasted until about 8 that evening;
and Saturday we went for a 10AM tour of Oban Distillery (who doesn't like to start their morning with the smell of fermented barley?!?) and then headed home, making a few stops along the way.

All of these pictures of Oban (except the last three) are from our first evening, just after the heavy rainstorm had passed.  

Truth: I don't like the beach. I hate the feel of salt water and I especially don't like sand in my crack. (sorry, Mom)
I absolutely love harbours. I love coastal life, and I love seeing, watching, and being on boats.
I never claimed to make sense.

 Hmmm... think he knows this guy in Montrose?

 That Coliseum-like structure on the right is McCaig's Tower. Unfortunately we haven't visited it yet... I guess we're not done with Oban yet!

 The Caledonian-MacBrayne ferry company travels between Oban and Mull all day long.

 Isle of Kerrera, across from Oban harbour. Yet another place I'd like to visit. 

 Boats in the harbour the morning of our tour.  We took the CalMac ferry over to Mull.

 Isle of Kerrera harbour.

Dunstaffnage Castle from the CalMac ferry. 

I was jump-out-of-my-skin excited for our tour!


  1. Wow!!! These photos are gorgeous. I love harbors, too. All the boats and water with gorgeous scenery... they are always so picturesque! You can tell that you took the photos after a storm - your photos really capture the weather and everything, too! Love it :)

  2. I love all your trips that you take and post about so I can pretend I am traveling also :) I wish I was going to get my big girl camera before you leave so you could train me on a bit also :)

  3. The East coast (of Scotland) is trying not to be offended that you 'didn't have time' to visit.

  4. Aside from all of the beautiful photos, I can't help but laugh about your comments about salt water and sand. Beach sand has this magical power of getting into parts of your body you didn't know you had. ;-) IT'S INSANE to get home, hop in the shower, and realize there is sand ALL OVER you body.


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