July 10, 2012

3 Drive to Oban

These aren't the best pictures, as they're all taken through the car windows, but I wanted to show you how our drive went...

 The sign of happiness. 

 We drove through some torrential rain.  I know Great Britain has a reputation for lots of rainfall, but it's usually drizzle or a light shower, and doesn't really have any effect on our daily lives.  What we've had so far this "summer", though, has been frequent heavy rainstorms, with big, fat droplets- complete with thunder and lightning, which are uncommon here!

 We drove straight through Glasgow, which I loved! Despite the fact that we weren't stopping there, it was nice to see the city I enjoyed so much!

 I always think the lowlands look a lot like Georgia, if you exchange the English ivy for kudzu.  Oh, and the directions of traffic!

 We drove alongside Loch Lomond for quite a while. It's often called the most beautiful loch in Scotland, and, while it is gorgeous, I have a hard time calling it the most beautiful when the Lake of Monteith is nearby- not to mention Loch Awe, Loch Shiel, Loch Leven, and of course Loch Ness
(Seriously, they're all gorgeous!)

More roadside views.

 As we got closer to Oban, the rain started back up... 
Dunstaffnage Harbour, outside of Oban.  We've arrived!


  1. I feel like I just went on a little roadtrip with you. love it! and I'll take the rain ... I can't get enough of rain. or snow.
    this dry, hot weather is not for me.

  2. My boss is from Glasgow. :)
    And that ivy pic totally does look like Georgia! Except the cars coming at you the wrong way. I don't know how I would get used to that.

  3. This rain has been something, hasn't it? It isn't just the normal misty/sprinkly/drizzly rain, but torrential rain for hours. Unbelievable!

    Your photos are making me add northern Scotland to our list of places to visit. All the lochs look so lovely x


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