July 13, 2012

3 Lunga, Part II: Puffins!!

 Paul and I split up at one point during our time on Lunga. He wanted to sit on the hillside and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the island; I wanted to do that too, but with only two hours, I wanted to find puffins more.   I told him, "I'm going puffin-hunting!" 
You know, to shoot them.

HAHA bad photog joke.

 I found some. 
Then I discovered that puffins are very social. They had no problem with me crawling on my belly right in their faces.

 Yeah, I know some of these are a bit redundant. But they're PUFFINS! 

 This little dude modeled for me for a while, and even walked very close to me- but stayed just out of reach (although I never tried to touch him).

The Glamour Shots pose!

 Back on another section of the island (the previous pictures were all taken near Harp Rock), there were a lot of puffin nests.  Well, it was lunchtime... so they were just coming home from the market.

I tried to get one going in or coming out of a nest, but to no avail. These guys are devious and fast! They would run one way, then another, then zip! Gone!

We then got back on the boat and headed to Staffa!
(that'll be next week)


  1. Oh my gosh! These are too cute! I love puffins, and have always thought their markings were so perfect they looked painted. How fun that you were able to get so close! Really enjoyed the pics :-) Happy Weekend!

  2. oh puffins. I want one! how do you think sherm and a puffin would do on their first meet-and-greet?

  3. I like the puffin-hunting joke.

    I really do.


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