July 13, 2012

6 Farm Delivery Friday: July 13

 Farm delivery by Riverford.
I'm going to ask y'all to excuse my shooting venue; I didn't start photographing until 8PM and it was so overcast the best light I had was in our conservatory, on the ottoman- that Sloan likes to snooze on. 
Basically, I'm going to ask you to forgive the dog hair you might can definitely see.

Clockwise, from top left: white onions, new potatoes, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, pointed cabbage, bunched carrots
This week we opted for the mini vegbox. I decided to photograph it all together, so y'all can see what we get for £10.35 ($16.12).  

 rhubarb, sugar snap peas, courgettes, cucumbers
We both eat sugar snap peas like candy- they're so good!!

 mixed bell peppers, avocados, lemons, strawberries
Neither of us have ever really enjoyed avocados when we've had them served to us... but they're so good for us that we've decided to try to find a way we'll eat them. 
Guacamole is out... as is any mushy dish.  Any good ideas?

 Lots o' bunched carrots.

 More new potatoes (we are a predictable sort) and marsh samphire.  Last time, I made it the suggested manner: sautéed with butter. It wasn't bad, but it was really buttery (and I only used a small amount), and I ended up eating it with spaghetti noodles. I'm gonna try blanching it this time, and adding it to a thai-noodle dish with other veg.

 Fresh buffalo mozzarella, 2L skimmed milk, and lettuce. 
Oh, and my "See Rock City" bird house, bringing a little bit of Home to England!

 I decided to photograph our eggs from Paxton's Farm Shop, too.  We go through a lot of eggs- a lot. I only eat egg whites, so we buy the extra-large ones, hopefully not getting too many double-yolks.  

These are the two biggest ones, with a film canister for scale- y'all remember film canisters, right?!?!

Have a great weekend- have any big plans? 


  1. I am always stalking your blog on farm delivery day, ha ha! I am wishing more and more that there was something like this available in my town!

  2. I have looked into it here in San Diego! Most of them are a pick up situation but there are one or two that deliver.
    The carrots and peas look so yummy, they are my 2 favorite veggies.
    I am not a big avocado fan either, but I do LOVE it on wheat toast, a layer of mayo, and then slice the avocado really think and lay it (just one layer thick)on top of the mayo. Open face. That's pretty much the only way I eat it. I don't eat it very often. But it's good! :P

  3. Confession time.
    Every time I see your posts about your farm deliveries, I start mentally cursing you. I'm like "Gesci, you bish." But it's only out of jealousy, I promise.

    Okay, whew.

    Secondly, you don't like avocados!?!?!? What the what?! Slices on sandwiches are delish. If you really cannot stand the texture, add it to a morning fruit & yogurt smoothie. It's full of really good omegas.

  4. I was going to say definitely try slicing and adding them to sandwiches. They are a great addition! Also, try chopping and putting them into your scrambled eggs. Not sure if you are a fan of soup at all, but with this ridiculous weather, I've been enjoying cut avocado as a topping in fajita soup. Good luck!

  5. I saw a Riverford stand at the Glynde Food Festival today and they had the most wonderful butternut squash curry - I don't like butternut squash much and am not a huge fan of curries (especially veggie ones) but this was really fantastic.
    The quality of their stuff is otustanding, I was really impressed. Good call on the frequent deliveries!

  6. I think eggs are the one reason why I may not ever be able to go vegan. And I must say, those giant eggs look delicious!

    I love how colorful and raw this delivery looks -- although, don't they all?


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