May 29, 2012

5 Mount Grace Priory, or, Where Paul Decided He'd Be Okay as a Monk

 Mount Grace Priory is another one of the sites not too far from us that we hadn't seen yet. Yesterday we drove over, and it was definitely worth it.  One of only ten Carthusian monasteries in England, the priory was made up of individual cells for each monk according to the order's strict solitary lifestyle. 

You enter the property through a large stately-home type building.  This building was first the priory's guest house, used by passing travelers. In 1654, long after the dissolution of the monasteries, Thomas Lascelles built a manor house, which Sir Lowthian Bell used as the structure for his 1900 arts-and-crafts home.

Not so bad!

 Many of the medieval guesthouse's features are still visible.

This room was redecorated in the arts-and-crafts style, but I was more interested in the little medieval doorway.

 A history of the property is on display on the first floor.  This model shows a cell and its attached garden. 

 A model of the whole priory, showing the cells lining the large cloister.

 The church sits in the center of the priory.

 The Great Cloister, with cell 5, Paul's claimed corner lot, directly ahead.

 Cell 8 has been reconstructed to show visitors how the hermitic monks lived.  Each monk had his own cell, which he only left for three services at the church each day.  Their lives were spent in silence, including their vegetarian meals, eaten in solitude in their cells after being delivered by lay brothers.  The days were usually spent either worshiping, gardening, or in scholarly work.

 We like the turret chimney. 

 Each cell has a large walled garden.  

 That bit ahead is a small corridor, which I would use as a sunporch/conservatory. 

  Yep. I still like doors.  Unusual doors, little doors, old doors... this one's all of the above!

 The first floor (upstairs) of each cell is a studio for the monk's work.

The ground floor has a small bedroom, a small chapel, and a large living space. 
Really, I've seen terraced homes with less space- and those are for families! 

 The spring house, one of the water sources for the priory, which may have been used as part of their  extensive sewer system.

  I love the weathered Yorkshire sandstone!

 Part of the gardens.

This is not how I walk; I was getting a rock out of my shoe.
 I handed Sylvester (my DSLR) to Paul and told him to take a picture of me with Sophie (my TLR).  He immediately started clicking... so I'm sharing these lovely bits with you.

 More appropriate.

 Of course, the butt shot. Seriously, is it a rule that when a guy has a camera he has to take a picture of a girl's butt?! 
His antics did have me laughing, though, which led to the new "about me" picture on the top right, so I guess it was a win!

While the silence and solitude may have been appealing to Paul, I'm pretty sure he'd miss his hamburgers once in a while- and maybe even me... *ahem*


  1. A few things:
    Firstly: what a lovely place - makes me think of Catherine Morland's visit to Northanger Abbey...
    Secondly: what a pretty dress! The sun definitely does not have his hat on here (woe is me).
    Thirdly: hello Sophie! (jealous).
    Fourthly: The monks' lives sound a bit like mine. Well, the 'scholarly' bit, anyway... on second thoughts, I don't really think the comparison stands. Oh well.
    Think that's all.
    Happy champagne Wednesday :-)

  2. Really beautiful place! So neat to see you visiting all of these places so close to us. And, your dress is very cute...glad you are taking advantage of the sun!

  3. Every single time I hand my husband the camera to hold I find a butt shot later. He says I should be flattered that he likes it so much. Very cool shots of the priory by the way.

  4. Becky- thanks! The dress was a bit of an impulse purchase, and I think it is quickly becoming a favorite! There's just so much to see and take in here, I feel so fortunate to have all of this so close.
    Joslin- I know, right?!?! It's so predictable I think! And thanks- it's a beautiful property!

  5. I'm going to start carrying a book or something to block his shots.


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