May 28, 2012

6 Castle Howard: Part II

 Oh, welcome back to Part II of the tour of my house!

This is the Garden Room.  I love every bit of it, other than the whole 'not-actually-my-house' part.

 Yep. Castle Howard has its own winter china. No, the gift shop didn't have any for purchase.

 The Crimson Dining Room.

 The Turquoise Drawing Room.  The color is almost overwhelming, especially in these pictures- but with the high ceilings and large windows it's actually not as bad when you're present in the room.  I kind of liked it. 

 Portrait of Lady Mary Howard, the youngest daughter of the 6th Earl, painted in 1828 by John Jackson, a local artist.

 17th century inlaid Italian cabinet. 

 The Long Gallery. Paul wants this room.
I wouldn't complain.

 The Octagon, the center of the entire Long Gallery.  When Queen Victoria visited in 1850 a dining table was custom-made for this room. Afterwards, a party was held, and the table was dismantled and thrown out the window to clear the room. 

 I really, really want a cabinet like this for my large prints and maps.  

 The North end of the Long Gallery.

 The rear of the house. The entry point for visitors is to the right of the image.

 Entrance to Ray Wood.

 The Temple of the Four Winds.

 Bridge to the Mausoleum, which wasn't available for visitors.

Last view of my future house...


  1. I can't help but think of Downton Abbey when I look at these photos. If only we could all live in an English castle. I don't think that's too much to ask for, do you?

  2. What a gorgeous castle! I love the turquoise color...maybe not in the quantity used in that room.

  3. Wow! Look at that turquoise drawing room! It's such a beautiful colour that I wouldn't mind having myself a room like that too!

  4. Wow, how fun!! I wonder (do you know?) if this is the same Howard's as Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's fifth wife. (And Anne Boleyn's mother's family, as well.) And yes, I am Tudor geek. :)

  5. Joslin and Laura- it was overwhelming, but the large space helped, and I didn't mind it as much. I do like vivid color, though! The current Earl actually picked out that fabric not too long ago, and had the entire room redone. It used to be the "Orleans Room." Funny how things have changed, even though it still all seems so set in old ways.


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