May 22, 2012

11 Haworth 1940s Weekend 2012

We had an AMAZING time at Haworth's 1940s Weekend!
Same as last year (funny how a celebration of a decade gone by doesn't change much...), the whole town was done-up WWII style, without the fear and sadness.  Pantyhose with lines down the back, dashing gents in uniform, red lipstick, and baskets for handbags- it was great!

When I asked this group to pose for a picture, the two men handed me iPhones to take their picture for them- showing my lack of mobile-phoneness, I didn't know how to use them... and got a big laugh when I said "But I only see my face here- how do I see y'all?"
(Many expats I know don't have cell phones, or only have very basic top-up (pay-as-you-go) ones reminiscent of Nokias from 1998.  The one we use (yes, Paul and I share one) is so basic I was surprised that it had texting capabilities.)

Lots of wartime vehicles on display!

I had to show off my A League of Their Own costume next to the G.I. Jeep complete with glove, ball, and bat.  Second note- it was quite chilly, but I refused to put my coat on in case someone recognized my costume.  So I was shivering most of the day.

This couple was adorable, and obviously in love!

Part of a group of four, they later all put on a dancing display-
and it was fantastic!

Women's Land Army on the move!

Paul was sad they weren't actually handing the donuts out to people.

Three generations of service!

I didn't notice that this lovely lady was pregnant until I was walking away- I was too busy admiring those shoes!

Sadly, this is the only picture I shot of these two- this amazing girl was the only person to recognize my costume!! She said "Oh, you're a Rockford Peach! That's one of my favorite films!" and I got so excited I didn't take another picture to replace the eyes-closed one.  Oh, and for the record- I'd given in by this point and was wearing my coat (although I kept it open). Oh well. She's still my new best friend!

Servicemen's gathering!

There was a handful of German stuff, all thoroughly covered in German flags. We ate at a local restaurant, so we were too full to enjoy the food carts.

It was a blast!  I am so glad we were able to get back to Haworth this year- but now I know to bring cheap copies of A League of Their Own to hand out!


  1. That looks like such a fun time! I'm such a sucker for dress-up events, but this one looks really great!

    Also, you can't go around with a sign saying "Donuts" and not actually be passing them out. I'm with Paul on this one.

  2. I have to attend next year! How wonderful? Your costume was perfect!! Very well done! I'm going to start planning my wardrobe now. Love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. That's so cool! And great that everyone was so into the roles...Ive never seen anything like that but I love the fashion from back then so I would totally go if I had the opportunity. I have that article opened in another tab really sounds intriguing ;)

  4. This looks amazing! And like so much fun!

    Maybe somehow I can convince my entire city to do the same thing.. ha ha ha

  5. OhMyGoodness - AMAZING! I love this period (minus the 'war' bit... ahem) and the costumes are fabulous! Scenes from Foyle's War were shot in my parents' village and some of the villagers got to dress up as extras... cue complete over-excitement from all involved!

  6. p.s. forgot to say: SUPER cute costume :-)

  7. Laura- thanks! It really is fun how the whole village turns out- everyone is so friendly and cheerful it really adds to the "old-timey" feel! I love festivals like this! (Okay, I love pretty much ANY festival!)

  8. What a blast! I love your outfit and I would have recognized it right away. :)

  9. Dang that looks like so much freakin fun ty so much for sharing wish I was there.

  10. It looks absolutely great! Must have been so cool to see since Haworth is so small -- like you're really transported back in time! Were the majority of the people there in the period attire?


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