May 14, 2011

0 1940s Weekend, Haworth

I recently subscribed to Yorkshire Life and we're already reaping the benefits.  One of the first pages I dogeared in the April issue was Haworth's annual 1940s weekend.  Haworth is best known as the home of the Brontë sisters, but the village travels through time one weekend a year for it's 1940s weekend.  Like I've said before, I'm game for any festival... so we went! 

We decided to begin our time travel with our mode of travel- the Worth Valley steam train runs extra timetables for the 1940s weekend, so we drove to Keighley and got "all aboooooooard!"

I dressed up, although I couldn't convince Paul to join me.  I just had this dress from an online impulse purchase, but from the outfits I saw in the village I think I'm going to go all out next year!!  Should you come visit us, I just want to alert you- current trains do not offer this spacious, bench-like accommodation.  Think airline seats... sorry.

Our steam train ride was authentic, down to the adverts on the fences at the stations.  This ad is slightly awkward... in case you can't read this, it says "VIROL   ANAEMIC GIRLS NEED IT". 

This one is punny!! (Dyslexia humor??)

We arrived in Haworth!

Authentic public transport.

If anyone knows the authenticity of hanging undies in the window, let me know.  I just found it funny!

The festival was originally just a bunch of WWII military vehicle owners getting together for a car show until the entire village joined in the fun.  This group is still a foundation of the weekend.

A lot of the vehicles were USA- this one is named "Jack"!!  (If you know me, you probably know my Jeep's name is Jack, and I love him.)

This doodle was on the side of one Jeep.

1940s dress was everywhere!  

Storefronts were all decorated in 1940s items and adverts.

This "air raid shelter" entrance was actually to an open-air courtyard.  Not the safest shelter. 

I got really excited when I saw this shirt- can any of you see why?!?!  (the biggest clue is slightly hidden...)

When I asked people if I could take their picture, they all answered some version of "of course" and, without fail, "thank you".  I told them thank you, since they were doing me the favor!

Even Rosie the Riveter made an appearance- or two!

This whole family joined in the fun!

We then rode the steam train back to Keighley.  (Note of interest: "Keighley" is pronounced "keeth-lee")

Oh, the adverts?  Some were kind of dirty, too.

The 40s were so much fun, I can't wait to visit the 60s in Haworth in June!!

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