April 25, 2012

0 We are home.

And I've got a TON of stuff to do in the next few days,
but isn't that how it goes?

So.  On top of the two puffy blistered blisters (yes, they are double-layered) on my pinky toes*,
today I managed to bang not one, but both of my kneecaps on the tram doors as I hauled my luggage in and out.  Have you ever hit the top of your kneecap, and it's kind of like funny-bone pain?
Well, it makes me instantaneously nauseous when I do it, plus now both my knees are swollen and hurt to bend/straighten.
I'd share pictures of these ailments, but I'm pretty sure you'd all immediately stop following me...
and I like you.

We get home to two very waggy-butt pooches (we both hate to leave them, but coming home is soooo adorable!) who immediately start sniffing/rooting through our bags.
How did our dogs develop this "what'd ya bring me?" attitude?
We rarely bring them things from trips-
I get when they root through parcels in the post or shopping bags, since I'm a giant sucker,
 but luggage??
So Max immediately zones in on the GIANT bag full of Belgian dark chocolate.
I don't think so, little man!
Then I was a mean mommy, and started eating a (non-chocolate) Dutch cookie out of the bag.
He gave me his best "I love you so much and I promise I was soooooooo good for the petsitter" face,
so I went against my will and gave them each a tiny piece.  
No wonder they hone in on bags...

Then Sloan (who is notorious for being the worst sniffer/smeller in Dogville) was "helping" me unpack the suitcase.  I took my toiletries upstairs, and came down to Paul rescuing the ornament I'd bought in Holland.  The ornament that was packed next to the three wheels of Dutch cheese...
seriously.  She's a dummy.

Good news is I've already done a bit of photo editing, so you shouldn't have to wait two months too long for Amsterdam/Keukenhof/The Hague/Brussels posts.

Oh, and it's absolutely pouring rain, and apparently did the majority of the time we were gone- 
so that means our house is FULL of cabin fever.
Mia's already been tearing circles around all of us- and apparently brought our petsitter mouse-prezzies while we were away... I can only hope they were dead; she tends to like to bring her "toys" home still mobile.

If you've made it through this ridiculousness,
you're a patient person.
So here's your reward:
and there are LOADS more where that came from!

Also, just to show you that there were moments my toes didn't hurt:
6.5% delercious beer helps!
edit: the beer was 100% delercious; just 6.5% alcohol

*This is why I'm having to see a podiatrist and relearn how to walk.  Apparently I walk bizarrely and this causes the blisters- not because I have fat pinky toes like I'd always just assumed.*

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