April 23, 2012

2 Thoughts From Our Current Trip

My blisters have blisters.

(this thought may be related to the above)
Segways are starting to look a lot less stupid.

Amsterdam seems very livable.

Keukenhof on Parade Saturday is worse than a theme park.
(The "worse" is courtesy of Paul; I've never been to a theme park.)

The Hague is the first city we've had to "wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" in Europe-
and I feel bad for it, since it seemed quite pleasant.

Amsterdam was full of traffic- foot, cycle, car-
much busier than I expected from the "Venice of the North."

Train seats in the Netherlands/Belgium are waaaaaaaay more spacious than in the U.K..

Brussels: beer? good. chocolate? good. fries? good. waffles? goooooood.  

Basically, we're still on our trip.
We've got 1.5 days left in Brussels, 
and a lot more eating to do.

Since I hate to leave you without a picture,
here's a rarity:
Check out my FB page for a picture of me in tulips!

Before I pass out and let my poor feet get some rest,
I'd like to ask y'all to keep the people and families involved in Amsterdam's train collision Saturday in mind.
We were just a few trains behind these, and headed to the same station.
I'd like to think you'd care if we'd been involved,
and since it literally could have been us,
please keep these families in your hearts/thoughts/prayers.


  1. You should definitely not hate on segways! They are awesome :)

  2. Heidi- I don't hate by any means- just think they look a little dorky! I'm sure I look worse shuffling around with my pinky-toe blisters, though!!


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