April 21, 2012

1 Keukenhof Part III: The Bulb Fields

 The traffic was so congested as we got closer to Keukenhof that our bus driver let people out if they wanted.  We wanted, and passed this field on our walk (and beat the bus by about 10 minutes).

 The bulb fields (some of them) from the gardens.

As we overlooked the fields from the gardens, we saw a lot of people walking around in them.  Well, we're sheep, so we had to, too. (not really the first part, but yes really to the second)
We had to walk a bit down the road, then step over a broken wire.  There was a sign asking people to stay out of the bulb fields, so we were careful to only walk in the wide dirt areas between the fields- never amongst the flowers, and never in the trenches in the bulbs themselves.  Grey area, I know.

 I felt like this yellow tulip was just waiting to star on a motivational poster.

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  1. Isn't it a gorgeous place! Love your photos!! New follower here


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