April 21, 2012

1 Keukenhof: Part II

 Some piece of art with giant broken glass looking stuff. Clearly I have no information about it, but I loved it all the same!

The forecast called for rain and cold all day, but we'd planned to go to Keukenhof on Parade Day, so we did.  I was Christmas-morning excited to see bright blue skies all day, even though the sun was so bright it cast difficult shadows at times!

 We saw some places selling long-stem tulips, and other shops with them in tall vases.  I'd never thought of long-stem tulips before, but I'd also never seen 2-3 foot tall tulips before- I love them!

We actually decided to skip the parade- despite it being our reason for going on the 21st.  The park was so crowded that, at times, we were sardined on the paths and couldn't even get to the flowers to take pictures.  I hoped that the crowds would all head out to see the parade and the park would empty a bit so we could have some space- and it did.  A crowd-control woman we saw later said the parade viewers were 4-5 deep on the roadside, so I'm happy with our decision!

 A large greenhouse was chock-full of flowers.  I'm not entirely sure why these were indoors, but I still enjoyed it!

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