April 18, 2012

3 Amsterdam:Walking Around Part II

 Ship with a giant mast. You know, in case you catch a strong wind down the canal...

 The ships/boats with the giant masts had me perplexed.  I get that the mast can lay down, but they still seemed so large to go through the canals!

 Pretty garden, tucked away.

 Random swan.

 I absolutely loved the giant shutters!
We deemed Amsterdam the City of Windows- every building had giant, gorgeous windows, and everyone seemed to always have their curtains/blinds open, to let in the natural light.  

 What's a European city without a lion on a door?

These people are talented- I'd definitely cause a wreck!

Evening canal shot.


  1. These are some gorgeous pictures! I agree with you about the couple on the bikes. I would fall before I could even reach a hand out.

  2. 1. I pretty much decided while I was there that I wanted to live on a little house boat off the main canal. Living on a house boat in the middle of a beautiful city... can't beat that.

    2. That picture of the couple on the bike? Pretty freakin adorable. I can hear my boyfriend laughing and grumbling at me now if I tried to hold his hand while biking.... right before we would crash.

    3. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Thanks so much, Joslin! Your name makes me happy, by the way- I had a friend named Joslin when I was little, and it's not that common of a name!


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