April 18, 2012

0 Amsterdam: Walking Around Part 1

 This is a bridge in Jordaan, where we stayed. I saw old drawings of similar wooden bridges in museums!

 A windmill (rundown looking) in Amsterdam.

 The Church of St. Nicholas.  I don't have any exterior pictures, but the inside is lovely.

 I really liked the pews, too!

 I was so fascinated by the houseboats. We saw a guy taking groceries in, some people kicking back relaxing on theirs, and a lot of people caring for their potted plants on deck.

 Just some plaster relief, on the side of a building.  I love it!

This wall faces a T-intersection.  We watched one of the large tour boats slowly make a turn here, and realized why so many have hit this wall!  I just liked the colors they leave behind.

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