March 8, 2012

1 Where We Go: Stainburn Forest

 Stainburn Forest isn't far from us, and gives us one more place to go with the dogs.
The Forestry Commission allows cyclists, runners, and dog walkers to use the land, although they request that you stay off their equipment (duh).
The forests are planned and planted, as quite a bit of England suffered from deforestation until the 20th century.  This leaves deep ruts between rows of spindly pines in the forests, which is a vast difference from the soft-bedded floors of a natural forest.  While these planned forests aren't ideal, they do provide timber (and oxygen) in a managed way, allowing other forests in the country to return to their natural ecosystems. 
Oh, and Max thoroughly enjoys the deep mud puddles created in the ruts. 

While I do love nature, and can't get enough of rolling green hills and thick, mossy (natural) forests, 
I'm enough of a city girl that I find quite a bit of beauty in industry, too. 
This tower stands in the middle of a bare area in the middle of Stainburn.  

Happy babies!

P.S.  I just posted a lengthy, commiserating comment on Megan's post regarding missing American food- then I made fishcakes and baby spinach, baked courgette slices with parmesan and italian breadcrumbs,  and had a pear cider for dinner.  Yeah... I'm all sorts of confused. 

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