March 7, 2012

1 Where We Go: Back to Swinsty and Bolton Abbey

 Dogs. Me. Swinsty Reservoir.  Yep!
The water's much lower, though.

 Since the water has gone down so much, I saw this odd watermark, and looked closer.

 It was a near-solid line of feathers!  Hopefully the ducks and geese were just molting!

 Yesterday was gorgeous, and, miraculously, Paul and I both had the day off. We had a bit of a lazy morning, but got ourselves together before the day went sour (the heavy rain didn't come until dark, thank goodness!).  We headed over to Bolton Abbey, but this time to a section far behind the priory- an area Paul and Max hadn't ever been to.  There's a small tea room, called Blue Bells, with a car park.  Our membership includes this car park, which has a direct path leading down to the riverside walks.  We headed towards Barden Tower, an old hunting lodge ruin, although we didn't go up to it.  Instead, the four of us moseyed along the riverside, enjoying the springlike weather!

 My two favorite tookuses!  

 A couple of the bridges across the river.

Yeah, I'm usually lagging behind!  
Notice little Mr. Rottenpants- he's on lead, since he's apparently turned deaf, at least where Paul's and my voices are concerned.  Brat!

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