March 11, 2012

0 Things In My Head

1. I bought some vintage bottles at the auction, and when I got home and went through them I saw this one:
Please ignore my shiny face. Photobooth isn't the kindest, especially at the end of the day.
That's right, Sloan's Liniment!  As Paul pointed out, though, she tends to both bring and kill pain.
Anyway, today, while I was cleaning the bottles, I started looking them up on the internet.  I'd told Paul I would sell any I don't want out of the bunch on Etsy, but he didn't believe that I'd get any money for them.  Well, I found comparable bottles on Etsy and Ebay for anywhere from $7-$50, and that's without researching the labels/companies marked on them!  I defended myself, saying this was proof I wasn't crazy, but Paul said it just confirmed that I wasn't the only crazy one in the world. 

2. I'm planning to make a few pies for Pi Day (3.14) and take them in to work.  One of my English friends, who enjoys giving me a hard time ("taking the piss" here) told me it's not Pi Day here, since the date is written 14.3, but I told him that means he doesn't get any pie. 

3. I need to get my act together and photograph my auction finds, Stoke goodies, and souvenirs for y'all.  I love them, and am really excited about them, but I'm just not that organized, so I'm trying!  I've got a few "to-do" projects from the auction, as well, and if this warmer weather holds up I'll take the blog along for the ride, and you can all share in my big ideas that usually tank miserably!

4. Whenever I'm showing someone around here it's like I'm seeing North Yorkshire for the first time all over again.  The past two days, with their bright blue skies and sun have just made it that much more beautiful, making my pre-nostalgia worse!  I'm kind of glad, though, because I'm really trying to make the most of our last months here, and I don't want to take a thing for granted.  

View over Nidderdale from Brimham Rocks. 

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