March 10, 2012

1 Lamb Pictures Part II: Newborn Included!!

Thursday whilst going to and from the airport picking up a friend, I passed this flock of sheep and saw the black lambs.  They're not that common, so I wanted to come back and get pictures.  This field is fairly close to my house, so as I was running errands on this beautiful blue-sky day I headed over.  I parked in the nearest carpark (despite parking on the road being quite common here I just can't bring myself to that- with how people careen around corners and how attached I am to Watson ((my car)), it's just not an option!) and walked down the road, around the field.  

The ewes kept a close eye on me, of course.

 Whoa, Momma!  That looks painful!

 These two lambs were hanging out at the same big rock.  The first one was curious and alert...

 but this little dude (?) was sound asleep, sunbasking.  I watched it breathe, so I know it wasn't dead.  How much do you want to pet this little guy's silky wool?!?!

 Waaaaaay in the back, right under the forest overhang, I saw this ewe and a very, very tiny lamb.  The lamb was struggling to stand and kept falling over, and the ewe would prod it with her nose, then step away and bleat- I zoomed in and saw the blood and grossness, and practically jumped up and down- it was a NEWBORN!
I watched them for a while across the field, then decided to get brave and go through the forest for a closer look.

 I walked back around the big field, and quickly discovered that black lambs are extremely hard to photograph from a distance.

 I did catch a rare springing shot, though!

 After climbing over fallen limbs, getting brambles around my leg, and walking 5 feet only to stop and wait until the ewe stopped glaring at me just to repeat the process over and over again, I got to the fence.

 Paul says the lamb looks gross with all his birth-nasties still on him, but I love it- such a rare sight!!

 I watched them for half an hour or so, snapping away as the ewe cleaned her baby and guided it into nursing and walking. 

 See her tongue?  This one will be white in no time!

I finally left, giving that poor Momma a break- although she seemed to quickly realize I wasn't a threat. Most lambs are twins, though, so she might have another one in there!  
I'm so glad I got to see a gooey newborn lamb- but aren't you glad I didn't watch the birth?  'Cause you know I would have posted those pictures, too!

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  1. Umm...that is truly AMAZING!!! How exciting that you got to see a newborn, and watch the Momma nurture her precious little lamb.
    So I've just gotten caught up on your blog. I really love looking at your photography (and reading about all of your adventures, of course)! You are a very talented artist, indeed. :-)


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