March 31, 2012

0 The Lake District Part II

When we weren't hanging out near the lake and enjoying the sun we were walking around the nearby towns, still enjoying the sun!

 We ate breakfast on Tuesday in Ambleside, at The Apple Pie.  I followed Aspiring Kennedy's advice and had the apple pie and ice cream- although, who am I kidding? It doesn't take a suggestion to eat dessert for breakfast in my world!  

 We then wandered around Ambleside.  It reminded me of Jackson Hole, WY, but dipped in Englishness.

 Wild daffodils and gravemarkers.

 There was a fantastic greenspace behind the church and many people were enjoying the Spring weather- sunbathing, picnicking, or just hanging out.
This bridge was at the back of it.

I can't find the name of this church for the life of me.  It overlooks a small valley of fields and sits alongside a beck somewhere between Hawkshead and Ambleside.

 Most of those flecks on the right side are dark-wooled sheep like the one you can see.

 Hawkshead is very picturesque, full of cute shops, pedestrian alleyways, and whitewashed buildings.
With its posh but laid back, outdoorsy vibe, Hawkshead reminded me of a whitewashed (and much older!) Ketchum, Idaho- and Paul agreed.
The King's Arms, the pub on the far right of the image, is where we ate our first night. 

 When her face wasn't right in the table, Sloan camped out on the floor after our long day. 

 Poor Max was so zonked he didn't even mind the barstool headrest!

Directly behind St. Michael's.

More daffodils in the cemetery.  

And lastly, Windermere (the town).  We ate lunch here our last day, and wandered around a bit. 

Now that our weather's turned cold and rainy with a forecast predicting snow,
I'm even more thankful for our getaway that took advantage of the beautiful sunshine!

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