January 28, 2012

0 Thruscross Reservoir and the River Washburn

 Thruscross Reservoir is yet another reservoir not far from our house.  I consider it my personal nemesis, though, as the path around it tries to kill me every time I take it.  The path starts out nice, flat, and comfortable, travels alongside the water, past an old building half submerged, around a bend, and into the woods.  That's where the trouble starts. The path through the woods quickly turns rugged and windy, without clear markers- but that part alone I can handle.  Combine that with knee-deep mud, and I'm spent.  Add in a really, really steep hill at the end, and I'm dying and begging Sloan to pull me up.  Then the path goes through some fields and back to the car park.   The Yorkshire Water website says it's only 4.5 miles, but I'm pretty sure it's about 17. 

I've never seen the dam overflowing before- I told you we've had a ton of rain!

 Re: my earlier whinging: Luckily, there's another path.  It is on the opposite side of the dam, and goes alongside the River Washburn.  This walk is easy, flat, and not a doozy- so Max can do it, too!

 Told you everything is tinted green...

 Pretty views!

 Sloan's learned to ask before launching herself over stiles- and we weren't going over this one.  She wasn't happy with that answer, but she's learned to listen!

The stile without a pooch in the way.  That's a cricket field clubhouse behind the wall.

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