January 27, 2012

0 Fossil Hunting and the Pooches' First Trip to the Sea at Ravenscar

Last week we decided that today we would head up to the North Yorkshire coast and see the reportedly charming towns of Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby.  You might remember that our last attempt at Whitby was cut short by Sloan's daredevil tendencies...

Anyway, last night we went to bed around 1AM, but our neighbor's house alarm suddenly started going off-
and it continued- for 45 minutes.
During that time, Paul walked over to see if anything was amiss, or if any lights were on,
and no one seemed to be home,
so he called the police, but they said that unless it is an emergency,
they don't respond.
It finally stopped, but not until all three pets were upset, so our night was interrupted and overall crappy.
Needless to say, we got a late start this morning.

 While we were sitting in traffic in Harrogate (thirty minutes- argh!!) I noticed that the crocuses are sprouting in the Stray.  We haven't even had snowdrops yet- what happened to winter?!?!

 When we finally got to the coast, our first stop was the small village just south of Robin Hood's Bay, Ravenscar.  A friend of mine told me that Ravenscar is known for its beaches- not for the sand, but that there are fossils in the shale there.
We stopped, had some trouble finding a path (the visitors' center is closed for the winter), and finally made our way down a path- to an old alum works.  It was mildly interesting, but still didn't get us down to the shore.

The trees alongside the path- everyone who visits us comments that the whole of Yorkshire seems to be washed in a light lime green... it's true.

The cliffs and shore from the alum works site.

 The current clock-punchers at the alum works.
After this disappointing hike we drove up to the local hotel, Raven Hall, and I asked for directions down to the shore.  The very helpful lady there told me a route to a farm that allowed parking and had a direct path to the shore.  We drove... and drove... and found the farm.   We paid our £1 in the honesty box and trekked down... 

 to the beach!

 The beach has some nice sand to walk on, but most of it is covered in rocks.  

 Neither of the dogs has ever been to the ocean/sea before- it was really funny watching them run around!

 Max tried to drink the seawater, and made a surprised face that cracked me up.  He then was intent on "catching" the pools of water in the sand- he'd paw at the sand in the pool and watch the water fill it in, then repeat the process again and again.

 Neither dog wanted the waves to touch their feet, but Sloan was hilarious in her darting back and forth!

 Paul, fossil hunting.  He grabbed our regular hammer on the way out of the house, because the websites "said to have a fossil hammer and we only have this one."  

 I never get tired of those ears!

 Can you see the fossil?  Paul got it!

 Sloan tackled some seaweed.  I couldn't tell if she liked it or not- she wasn't eating it (she never eats sticks) but she was making funny faces whilst tearing it up!

 I absolutely love the North Sea.  I can't get enough of it or the Yorkshire coast!

 My little trooper made it through our first hike and about two hours on the beach- he's really healed up nicely!

Some of Paul's fossils from today.  It was a pretty fun day, even though we were too tired to make it to Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay- oh well, I guess we'll have to go back!

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