January 8, 2012

0 Barcelona: Modernisme Architecture

Barcelona's modernisme architecture is obviously one of the cities biggest attractions.  The Ruta del Modernisme, or Modernism Route, is a great way to see the façades of the buildings while also seeing the city as a whole.  Our hostess gave us the modernisme route map, but the markers on the sidewalks helped keep us on track as well.

Casa Battló is one of the more famous modernisme buildings, along with La Sagrada Familia and Casa Milá.  We opted not to do the tour, as it was €15 each and, with the cost of each, we opted to do Casa Milá instead.  People were lined up outside everyday, though, so clearly it was popular!

The sidewalks in this area are almost all decorated- making it hard to keep an eye ahead of me whilst also looking up at the buildings and down at the sidewalk!

The street lamps were designed by Gaudí while he was still in school.  I couldn't get a great shot of them without walking directly into traffic, but I did appreciate the demonstrated use of the benches!

Paul's a big fan of rooftop cupolas.

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