January 8, 2012

1 Barcelona: Architecture and Funny Bits

 Barcelona is best known for its modernisme architecture- but there are some other fantastic buildings as well.

 I couldn't figure out these eyeball-looking things.  

 Strange art?  World's biggest tangled wires?

 We walked through a park and these older gentlemen were just enjoying their morning.

 This is a candy shop called "Happy Pills."  You pick a medicine bottle and fill it with whatever candies you prefer.

 I believe this is some sort of mascot for Barcelona Football Club.

 Despite our hostess warning us that the water here is not tasty, people regularly drank out of and filled water bottles from these spouts all over town.

 This faded spray paint caught my eye- I couldn't tell if it was horses, monsters, or what.

I liked these signs- I believe they displayed the district.

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  1. Gesci,
    so glad you enjoyed Barcelona! And happy that you made it to Montserrat too- was a great trip for our group. And I remember those old men hanging out in the park- they are playing bocce (check out the ball at their feet.) Those sweet little old men just love a good game of bocce. . .I think we even saw some measuring tools at one time.


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