December 4, 2011

0 A Day In the Life: December 2-4 (cheating)

 Today's "A Day In the Life" is a bit of a cheat, since I'm really giving you highlights from the past few days.  I seem to have picked a bad time to start this theme, since our lives have become infinitely more boring lately, due to me working more (so that we can travel more) and the weather getting colder and nastier with sharp rain and wind.

Mia, our cat, will eat pretty much anything.  Here she is snacking on the cuttings from a crown prince squash I got in the farm delivery.  This is my compost bin (that travels outside to our larger one), and when I tried to move it she chased me down and snatched a mouthful of squash.  She's a strange one...

The veterinary surgery we go to is located next to St. John's Church.  The church is quite young, being only 160 years old, but this door is still quite attractive to me.  Max insists on taking a stroll through the church grounds after every appointment, and he had a follow-up Friday for his knee that was operated on in September.  He's doing well, and is off his pain medication for the first time in over three years.  He's so unaffected by this that today on our walk he nearly pulled me over- it's time to re-enroll in school!

On one of the rare non-blustery days we've had lately I took Sloan down to Swinsty Reservoir, which is 1/2 mile from our house.  To be honest, it's so close we're often there even on blustery days!

This is the road we take to Darley, where both Darley Mill and The Welly are located.
 This area is called Nidderdale, as it's the valley created by the River Nidd. 

Today I went down to Darley Mill , a shopping place not too far from us.  There are a lot of "mill" shops around, some large chains and some individual shops.  Darley Mill is so named because it's located in what used to be the mill serving the village of Darley. At Darley Mill you can find everything from gardening supplies to chocolates to kitchenware to kitschy gifts to linens.  It's a handy place to have, especially since it has a free car park (parking lot).  
This evening Paul and I went to our favorite pub, The Welly.  I joke that I could eat there everyday, and if anyone's willing to fund that experiment I'm willing to try!  Anyway, chances are if you've visited us you've eaten there.  It's got fantastic standards, such as steak and ale pie (Paul), fish pie (Gesci), braised shin of beef (Paul), salmon tagliatelle (Gesci), cheesy chips (fries- both), a good selection of beers, and sometimes my favorite- Eton Mess!! Eton Mess, also called by various other ______ Mess names, is a delicious concoction of meringue, cream, fresh berries, and sometimes ice cream.  If it's on a menu, I'm ordering it!!

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