December 7, 2011

0 Budapest: Holiday Apartment, George Clooney, and Boat Tour

 Our trip to Budapest was a package deal I got through Broadway Travel, and our flights were in/out of London.  We worked this to our advantage and spent a couple of days there on our return, but, unfortunately, our out-bound trip was an entire day of traveling.  We took the train from Harrogate to London, and, as we were walking through St. Pancras to the Gatwick train, I stopped to photograph this Christmas tree.  It's made entirely of Legos!  

 After arriving in Budapest and finding our way to our hotel (a bus and a metro ride- Budapest's public transport system is incredibly easy to navigate!), they told us that there was a burst pipe, and, due to the heavy rain that night, the plumbers wouldn't be there to repair it for a while.  We were offered accommodations at a sister-hotel, one with holiday apartments.  No problem... especially after we saw it!

 It was huge! 

We ate dinner at an Italian place, and Paul decided he needed a pizza-to-go.  The guy on the box looks suspiciously familiar to me...

 We opted to take an evening boat tour, which was interesting, but unfortunately the boat is completely enclosed, so pictures aren't what I hoped.  This is Buda Castle.

 Liberty Bridge.


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