December 9, 2011

0 Budapest: Hungarian State Opera

The Hungarian State Opera, located on Andrássy út, was completed in 1884, opening to the public that September.

These images are from the foyer.

The coat racks.

The opera house.  The large box to the left (and center in the house) is the royal box.  Only the King of Hungary/Emperor of Austria could sit here, and now only the three top members of Hungary's Parliament can use the box.  Franz Joseph I attended one performance here, but never returned, thus forcing his wife Elisabeth to select an alternate box when she attended performances alone.  The only person to ever sit in the box outside of the approved titles has been Madonna, reportedly (according to our tour guide), whilst in Budapest filming Evita, Madonna demanded the box when she attended the opera... it is believe she offered compensation...

The opera house ceiling- two views.

The stage and the box used by Empress Elisabeth, who enjoyed performances here despite her husband's distain for the non-Viennese opera.

The ceiling in one of the anterooms.  

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