December 8, 2011

0 Budapest: Christmas Markets & Food

 When we visited St. Stephen's Basilica, the Christmas Market in St. Stephen's Square was being set up for the day.  This was easily our favorite of the three Christmas Markets, despite Vörösmarty Tér being the main Market.

 Items sold at Budapest's three Christmas Markets must be made in the area and be approved by the Hungarian Society of Folk Arts, so you know you're getting authentic Hungarian goods!  Most of the above items are incense burners.  If I liked incense at all I would have gotten one of the dragons- I was very tempted anyway!

 Many vendors offered children's toys and goods.  These are wooden puzzles- and giant pencils.

 An entire cart of truffles and cakes!

One of the many food vendors. These carts were always crowded!

Paul, sampling Hungarian sausage.

These were my favorite- the Kürtőskalács. A sweet dough sugared and wrapped around a wooden dowel before being toasted over hot coals, then sprinkled with either cinnamon, walnuts, or coconut.

 Watching them cook was fascinating- the dough plumped up and slowly turned a crispy gold!

 I snacked my way through three of these during our visit. They are that good!

 Fresh-made paprika crisps.  Paprika is on EVERYTHING in Hungary- but it's quite good. These were delicious!

Paprika grilled chicken.  You can see how greasy it is- Hungarian food as a whole is greasy.  This chicken was grilled, then thrown in some grease on a griddle right before serving.

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