August 17, 2011

0 National Museum of Scotland and Edinburgh Zoo

 As usual for us, we went to several museums.  Along with the Scottish National Gallery and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art we stopped by the National Museum of Scotland.   This proved to be well worth our time although we weren't able to spend the time there it deserves!

 As soon as you walk in you see a multi-story display of various items from wall- I really liked this wrought iron piece.

 This is a giant deer skeleton.  It dwarfs Paul.

 I strongly encourage you to click on these two images- the Wildlife Panorama.  It's a fantastic comprehensive exhibit filled with animals from the entire natural history of the Earth.  Fish and birds are overhead and small animals are alongside the walls in displays.  It's an incredible room to be overwhelmed by.

 This is a charming, if rather inaccurate, little clock.  It works with a ball running along the trails and shifting the balance.  I want one.
A lighthouse light.  I don't remember it's creator or where it was located, but this light is important due to it's artistic design that enables the light to work more efficiently.  

On our way out of town we decided to stop and see Edinburgh Zoo.  I love zoos (well, conservation-minded zoos; I find concrete-and-steel zoos abhorrent and cruel) and was excited to visit EZ. 
 Sea lions taking advantage of some rare rays of sun!

 Tree Porcupines- first of all, they're HUGE, secondly, they are laaaaaaazy!

 The literal image of "preening."

 A sun bear.  Other than the insane claws, he seems super cuddly, doesn't he?  I think he looks like Max!

 These adventurous little guys are known as common squirrel monkeys.  They were being studied for their eating habits.

 The Zoo is on a hill over the city, which provides great views for the animals (?) but made for a strenuous hike for visitors!

 There was a large herd of zebras, which I loved! A platform walkway allows visitors to walk into the middle (above) of the field the zebras live in, giving a lot better views than just standing on the side at a barrier.

 Pig-face!  I think this is a Kune-Kune pig, but I'm not entirely sure...


The penguins seems to be EZ's big claim to fame.  They do a daily "penguin walk" and had movie posters for Mr. Popper's Penguins everywhere.

It was a fun zoo! I'm very excited to do more zoo-tourism!

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