August 16, 2011

0 Edinburgh

 We skipped Edinburgh on our Grand Tour of Scotland since we knew we'd head there for a festival at some point- Edinburgh is rich with festivals, and the Military Tattoo was high on our list of things to do while living here.  When the Tattoo tickets came up for sale in December I bought ours and before we knew it August was upon us! 

We decided to drive up, since train tickets to Edinburgh during the festival season are really, really expensive.  I love windmills and wind farms- this one actually spans both sides of the motorway, and I loved it!

 My first stop in Edinburgh (and Paul's, by default of being with me) was to see Greyfriar's Bobby.    In the Greyfriar's cemetery is this fascinating marker.

And Bobby's grave marker.  Known as one of history's most faithful dogs, his story isn't quite as tear-inducing as Hachiko, but it still gets my heart!  In case you're disinclined to click the link, here's a synopsis:  A local policeman name Auld Jock had a Skye Terrier named Bobby.  When Auld Jock died, Bobby sat vigil over his grave for the next fourteen years.  Locals tried to bring him home, but he always made his way back to the graveyard (Greyfriar's).  Before long people, specifically the local pub owner, just made sure he had food and that he was cared for on cold nights. 

The pub just outside of Greyfriar's Cemetery.  

Just off the Royal Mile.

We had a great time in Edinburgh, although I will say I prefer Inverness and Stirling.  Edinburgh is overflowing with history and culture, and being there during the festivals was great- the Tattoo, the Fringe Festival, the Art Festival, and the Book Festival were all going on.  We went to the Tattoo and were able to catch one Fringe show- a ghost stories/tour which was quite interesting.  The Fringe spills over into the streets with street performers and flocks of performers passing out flyers for their shows.

Part of the throngs of tourists and Fringe people.

A Charlie Chaplin street performer. 

A statue street performer.  He was even out during the driving rain!

 Edinburgh Castle is quite famous, and has, of course, an extensive history.  It houses the Honors of Scotland and is the home of the One O'Clock Gun.  Photography is not allowed in the interiors, unfortunately, but their website is comprehensive, so I'd recommend a look.  The castle's got a great view of the whole town and port, of course!

 I am lacking in my pictures of the castle, but the Tattoo takes place in front of it- so there's a few more there!

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