June 22, 2011

0 York, mostly the Minster

With our friends visiting, we of course headed to York. (Click on the York label to the right or at the bottom of the post for past visits.)

The longest running pub- I think it's been in business 400 years, or something.  

Just outside the Minster, a street performer!! YAY!

Some details of the windows from the outside.

The rose window.

We climbed the tower!

Right in the center is the house for the Dean of the University of York.  Clearly I need to go into higher education administration.

Some of the grotesques in the Chapter House.

The ceiling of the Chapter House.  It's not really this yellow, that's the lights with no flash. It's really this beautiful, though!

As we were leaving York the skies grew stormy, giving the Minster a much more ominous backdrop.

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