May 21, 2011

0 Malton Food Festival

 Another festival I found out about in my Yorkshire Life was the Malton Food Festival.  Despite today being a very busy day for us we made the 84-mile round trip- after all, it's food!!

 There were several bands playing around the market/festival area, including this group of mixed musicians (they alternated who played, usually 3-4 at a time) and a Salvation Army band, who I was dying to ask if Sister Sarah Brown was there, but I didn't want to receive blank stares if that didn't cross the pond.

 I took a few shots of some stalls, but it wasn't easy, as most were packed with hungry customers!

 This is our farm delivery company!!

 Here's the Salvation Army band.  Also an idea of how crowded it was there.

 Paul got a pork sandwich from this stall.  I got a fishcake sandwich at another, and a great frozen yoghurt (the h is English) that was blended with two fruits of my choice- raspberry and pineapple. 
 But I thought you'd most enjoy a picture of Paul's foodsource.  

 I got some honey, of course.  

About 1/3 of the festival.  It was great, although very crowded, so we had a hard time navigating through the stalls.  Hopefully next year is even bigger, both in space, vendors, and deliciousness!

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