March 5, 2011

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  This blog is chock-full of pictures, which, if you know me, is right on par.   However, I do sometimes feel like I owe the few of you who read this blog and assumably care about Paul, me, and the furries a bit more.  Well, okay, you do get to see the pooches now and then.   Maybe it's time Mia made another appearance!

 Back on point.  Now that I've had the incredible privilege of living here in North Yorkshire for over a year, and as we close in on our half-way point, I can tell you that Spring is definitely my favorite time of year.  I've experienced Spring in Georgia, Spring Windy Season Part 1 in Idaho, and Spring in England.   Spring in England is defined by new baby lambs frolicking across the rolling, plush, green hills;  wildflowers are blooming- first the snowdrops, which are just starting to wither, quickly replaced by the crocuses, in their yellow, purple, and white blankets across parks throughout the area, followed by the daffodils, which have strong shoots promising their cheerful flowers are coming soon, then the tulips, whose broad leaves are just unfurling to meet the sun, and finally the bluebells- I haven't seen tangible evidence yet this year, but I know they're coming.    The most exciting part of this Spring, though, is that Paul gets to enjoy his first real one this year.  Last year he was only here for the latter part of March and most of April, so he got a touch of the season, but not the full, intoxicating dose of Yorkshire in Bloom. 

 We both have a sort of frantic scrambling to make the most of our time here.  We feel shortchanged that Paul has been gone for about eight months of our time here, but as long as his work (and our finances!) are willing, we plan to cram as much of this experience into the next 20 months as we possibly can.   We've got a few trips to Europe planned, one to Greece is actually on the books and paid for- this month!, and we're doing our best to see more of England.  We're hoping to get to the Channel Islands this summer, and Wales sometime soon. We've got to get Ireland in, as well... and I/we are still hoping to return to parts of Scotland, especially for some festivals I've read about online.   See, there's so much!!
Long story short, we both LOVE it here and the tears when we leave will be sobs, I'm sure.  Okay, on my part.  Paul will just get really quiet.   The dogs are both loving life, Sloan is thrilled that the sun is peeking out every few days and Max is thriving in twice-weekly hydrotherapy- he's even able to clamber over the stiles in the walls when we do our field walks.  The field walks are still a staple in our days, although my working three days a week has put an unfortunate dent in the frequency.  As the days lengthen we are able to get out after work, though.  We have our regular rotation of "adventures"- Brimham Rocks, Bolton Abbey, Valley Gardens, and we've added another- Fewston Reservoir, with more to come.   Mia even loves it, she "stalks" the birds on the other side of the windows and prowls around the garden attacking every bug she sees.   Hopefully life takes us somewhere else wonderful, but in the meantime we'll just love every minute here! (okay, I could do with fewer cold days...)

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