March 6, 2011

0 Birstwith (finally!)

West House Farm- our house is the large one closest to the front. There is a small cottage behind to the left, and the three-home barn conversion behind.  Not pictured is the Guest House, where our landlord's father lives, further up the hill to the right.

This is taken from the end of our lane.  As you can see, our lane is on the edge of the village.  The surgery is ahead on the left (blue/green sign).

Our pub.  We've only been a few times, since we actually favor the one in the next village (shhhh!).  We intend to go again, though, if anything just to have a pint with our neighbors.

To the right is the "short river walk"- the loop from our house is only a mile.  Wreaks Bridge is ahead, along with one of Birstwith's three bus stops.

This sign points to two of our other walks- the "bridge walk" and the "river walk behind the factory".  This poo bin is quite full of Sloan and Max's donations.

The speed limit signs near the school have drawings on them.  I like them.  The other one is a snail.

Birstwith Primary, otherwise known as the cause of Birstwith's only traffic around 9 AM and 3 PM.

Our post office.  Unlike in the States, the post offices in small villages here act as simple general stores.   I frequently stop by for milk when I need more than our farm delivery and for Wensleydale cheese.  All post offices used to have this dual purpose, but in larger towns and cities this custom has fallen by the wayside.  In Birstwith the Post Office and pub are the only place you can buy things!

Our fancy bus stop.  Most villages have one similar.

St. James' Church.  The actual service schedule varies as this church shares a vicar? parson? minister? with a couple of other village churches.  

View of the post office from the church/graveyard.

The Belmont Grosvenor school.  If you can't pronounce it, call me.  It's on the hill leading to High Birstwith (the rest of our village).   The building is called Swarcliffe Hall, and was built in 1850.

Since it was Sunday, Paul and I decided to walk around the school, as neither of us ever had.  This door seemed like it was in a movie about an English school.

Belmont Grosvenor has some great views!  This is Birstwith from the front of the school.

That's our farm!

This tree is in the school garden.  Notice the singular- Paul and I went into it (through that dark opening) and it's actually one tree.  The lower branches have curved to the ground and set their own root systems.  It's amazing.

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