January 11, 2011

0 York, Various Bits and Pieces

One of the "of course" places we take visitors is York- the city offers so much, from history, to great shops, to great food.   So... of course! I took my sister and her family over. 

The park and ride we use drops off right in the center of what's good, which happens to be right in front of the ruins of St. Leonard's Hospital.  I'm currently reading a series of books set in medieval York, The Owen Archer Series, and one of the early books is set in St. Leonard's, so I was excited to make the connection.

If we ever do build a house, you can bet these arches are going in!! I love them!

Part of the old city wall, right behind St. Leonard's.

This is St. Wilfrid's Catholic Church.  I don't know much about it, it's pretty, it's got a great doorway (another must feature in my pretend house- this is why we just need to live in some renovated abbey ruins!!).

St. Wilfrid?

Or maybe this is?

I'm guessing this is High Petergate, as that's the name of the street.  An old gateway from the city wall and the shops nearby.

In the Dean's Garden, behind the Minster.  I really liked the gargoyle faces!

Also in the Dean's Garden.  I'm not sure what it is, maybe a war memorial, from something I read online.

We walked over Ouse Bridge (over River Ouse...) and I really liked this dusky shot.

The river flooded onto the sidewalks- but apparently it gets worse.

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