January 6, 2011

0 Scarborough (seeing a pattern of where you might go when you visit??)

 My sister, Rebekah, her husband, and their two daughters came to visit this January.  Of course, I took them to Scarborough!!  While they explored the castle, Sloan, Max, and I enjoyed the cliff-top view over the North Sea.   As usual for our visits, it was cold, overcast, and windy.

I caught this rainbow ending right by the shoreline- and all this time I thought all rainbows ended in Ireland!!

A view of the castle from the cliff edge.

 I do like a good harbor.

Brent and Rebekah were picking up fish and chips from one of the harbor chippys while I got the car.  While I was waiting I stepped out to photograph these crab catching cages.  

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