May 9, 2010

0 RHS Harlow Carr Tulip Festival

Today my friend Joanna and I went to a Harrogate area RHS garden to see the tulips.  Most of the local area has groupings of tulips in gardens, roundabout middles, and along walkways, so I thought a tulip festival would be amazing.  There were a lot fewer than the advertised 25,000 tulips, at least that we saw, but it did seem to be a pleasant garden.

There were quite a few interactive displays throughout the garden, this was "create a willow sculpture". 

The tulips were colorful, but I do enjoy garden sculptures, especially metal ones. 

The garden was set up with lots of great sitting areas located in nooks scattered throughout.

There were as many azalea-type bushes (are these actually azaleas? I have no idea!) as there were tulips.  I liked this one especially, as it reminded me of the "artist's paintbrush" flower I really liked at Glacier National Park.

Another sitting spot.

There were several interesting looking plants that reminded me why England inspired such creative musings as The Hobbit and Alice in Wonderland.  This was the strangest. 

I liked these tulips, but I also found the structure above them fascinating.

Joanna and I both  wanted to go into this, but like a lot of the side areas, it was blocked off. 

More tulips!  I like the butter colo(u)red ones.

The gardens were beautiful, not what I pictured of a tulip "festival", but it was still a lovely area.  I am actually considering getting an RHS membership once my other person returns so I can see lots of gardens throughout the year.

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