May 4, 2010

1 May Day!

Happy May Day!!  Usually this greeting is accompanied by beautiful flowers and warm sunny spring weather.  While we had some beautiful flowers, we also had some nasty weather.  Cold, windy, rainy, and even some hail.   Despite this, my friend Joanna and I went over to a nearby town to help facepaint for the day's festivities.  

During a brief respite from the poor weather the children did their May Pole Dance.
  I have never seen one of these in person and it was quite charming.

There were a few different dances done, but I could only snap a few pictures between creating tigers, a ladybird, and a flower.

After the festivities were over (really everyone packed it in due to the weather) Joanna and I walked around to check out the scarecrows that Burton Leonard residents decorate for the festival.  There were several in the church, which was a beautiful small chapel.  I wasn't sure if it was okay to take pictures inside, but I sneaked one. 

The scarecrows in the chapel were all saints.
Saint Aiden.

Saint Paulinus.

Saint Wilfred.

Next we headed down the street to see some others.

Romeo and Juliet.

A man.

Closer view:

"Saint Domestica- patron saint of tired mothers".  If you want a laugh, enlarge the photo and read the entire description.  

Here's hoping your May is spring-worthy and ours quickly improves!

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  1. I really liked the humor in the different "sainted" scarecrows. Obviously at least a local custom, but I had never heard of this.


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