May 28, 2010

1 Max's Hydrotherapy!!

Before you groan at more Max and Sloan pictures, I promise I am going  to two festivals this weekend and there will hopefully be fun images from those!  I have been going to things, but not to picture-taking things, so unfortunately the blog has been neglected lately.  I do have some lovely spring garden pictures to post later, though.
 Max started weekly hydrotherapy sessions, and is now on his 3rd week.  His first week he was nervous but brave, last week he was unsure at first but game once he was in the water, and this week he barely balked at getting in, then swam around unprompted.  The goal is both muscle strengthening and weight loss, but a little fun on the side won't hurt anyone!

There is a long grippy ramp leading up to the side of the pool, then a long grippy ramp leading into the pool.  This helps nervous dogs like Max feel stable while getting in the pool, and helps them feel sturdy when they first experience the odd weightlessness in the water.

Note the paw coming at you- he's jumping in all by himself!  His first week there was a lot of coaxing, both from his therapist (in the pool) and from me (outside the pool).

Sorry the pics are kind of fuzzy, my lens kept fogging up from the heated pool.
Max is mouthing the water here, which his therapist says is a great sign- shows he's comfortable.

He has a little trouble turning around in the pool, his first session he would just flop on his side and be pulled.  Now he does turn upright, but needs a little direction with the leash as to where to go.  That's his super otter tail on the right- his back legs are in the water.

Look at him go!!

Poor Sloan spends the entire session begging to get in the pool- unfortunately, I don't think she'd get back out!  She makes do with splashing the edge and stealing the floaty toys.  She and Max touched noses at his previous pass by, but unfortunately I didn't get that one on camera! 

Here he is, all on his own.  Max is a super swimmer!!

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  1. That is just sooooo cool!!! I wish Indy could do it too!


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