May 9, 2010

0 For Their Daddy

But we'll let the rest of you look, since most of you have developed a fondness for these two noise buckets!
Please ignore the poo-bag in the background.  Or just note that I am a conscientious dog-person.
Why's Sloan always gotta look so tough??  We all know she's a softie!

If you're tired of looking at the pooches then you can just admire the pastures!  Our sheep-fertilized grass is beautiful!

For the record Max has not suddenly aged and sprouted white hair, he is shaved for summer.  Turns out even in England his 3 layer coat is too thick for sun.  The white is his undercoat showing through.
Notice the herd of cows on the top left.

She's a happy girl.

They weren't happy about us walking through their flock.  I promise the dogs stayed on leash and didn't bark!

This horse is our friend.  He follows us through his pasture, walking right along side.  The other two horses in the pasture aren't so buddy-buddy, but they don't chase us like the cows! 

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