December 21, 2012

12 Salisbury Cathedral

In September we took a quick 3-day trip down to Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury, and Avebury. To say it was a whirlwind would be an understatement and our lack of time did a great disservice to both of these amazing cities. We will get back to each of these historic places one day. In the meantime, I've got my pictures from our little jaunt.
Salisbury Cathedral sits in a lovely green space, which was filled with people enjoying the beautiful day. A bit envious of their leisure, we hurried into the cathedral to crane our necks in awe once again.

The main part of the cathedral was completed in a very quick 38 years during the mid-13th century, and has the tallest spire in the United Kingdom.

A large reflective four-pointed... shape... is in the center of the nave.  It offers a new perspective as well as a break for the neck-craning.

I just love the ceilings. I want elaborate ceilings everywhere.

I also love arches, especially painted ones.

The Quire stalls are the largest in Britain as well as being the first completed. I love the intricate carvings of most quire stalls, but the animals on this one were especially fascinating!

Salisbury Cathedral's Chapter House is also home to the best preserved copy of the Magna Carta, and one of only four of the original 1215 version (no photographs allowed, though). Another copy resides at Lincoln Castle, which we unfortunately weren't able to see during our visit to Lincoln. We'll be back, though!

The cloister, as usual, was Paul's favorite part. I wouldn't turn it down, either!

When you go to Stonehenge (more on that in a future post), be sure to take some time around Salisbury. Not only is it a charming city, but its beautiful cathedral inspired an incredible novel, Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth, which I strongly recommend reading before you visit any of Europe's incredible cathedrals and abbeys.  If you're not a reader, well, then, just be astonished and amazed at the immense beauty in these masterpieces of architecture.

Can you tell I miss Great Britain?!?


  1. Beautiful! What a stunning place.

  2. I think I've been there!!!! It was gorgeous!

  3. I sang there as a chorister - it was amazing. I'd love to go back! hopefully I'll get as beautiful a day :)

  4. That is absolutely breathtaking!! Wow! Amazing work they did in medieval Europe. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos!

  5. I love how you repeat "We'll be back!" like a mantra. :)
    And I have read Pillars of the Earth, loved it. It's pretty amazing the time and man power that went into building it!

  6. Wow that's so gorgeous! It's amazing the time and care they put into building and decorating castles back then.

  7. Absolutely stunning. I think we should ditch our lives here and just go roam europe together for a little while. :) (I still have your little present... went to mail it the other day but the line was out the door of the post office... I will mail it when the crazy people stop mailing things!) :)

  8. I love your photographs. You get so much light into them! This is the year of some photography lessons for me. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. It's so good to see you all settled in with your adorable family. Do you think there is a trip to London in 2013? I hope so! Happy New Year, Gesci!!


  9. I went there went I studied abroad in London in 2002. I was hoping to get back when I was there last summer, but we didn't have the time. Your pictures are making me wish I had made more of an effort!

  10. What a beautiful cathedral. I think I'll take your book recommendation even though I've already toured some and won't get back to Europe for a couple years. Looking forward to hearing about Stonehenge.

  11. Wonderful.
    You have got some detailed photograph of the cathedral.
    Can imagine how they toiled in those days to construct this.

  12. Come back and bring those blue skies with you! The gray-ness has moved in.... x


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