October 5, 2012

0 Sketch: The Mad Hatter + 60s Mod + Jack Skellington = A Really Cool Place

I've already shown you The Glade Room at Sketch, where we had our Bloggers' Afternoon Tea. We were given a short tour of a few of the other rooms as well. 

This is The Gallery, and it's very banquet-y feeling, but in a hip way. It was being re-set for another event  when we came through, but it feels dark and cosy despite being well-lit and wide open. I imagine it feels even more so when stuffed with furniture!

 The ceiling. I like to pretend that's a giant spinning projector.

A clever glass-flower pendant light.

 This mod bench led us to another room that had all of our jaws on the floor. I'll let you see a couple of images before I tell you what you're seeing.

 These are loos. Not space eggs, not Austin Powers travel pods, but toilets.  I want the ceiling, though- I kept thinking the lights would start blinking and dancing up and down their columns!

Meanwhile, there was another toilet that most of us had been to, returning and promptly telling the next lady she had to go check it out.
(Sidenote: Americans say "restroom" or "bathroom". Brits say "loo" or, particularly in the North, "toilet". I've adapted to using "toilet" after being correct many times in my early days. Not until being at Sketch have I asked for the "toilet" and been answered with "Oh, the bathroom?"
Wait, what??!!)

 The men's is on the left; ladies on the right.

 In a stall. What you can't see is the loo roll (toilet paper), which hung from two chains of these fake crystals, as if on it's own very posh swing. 
Also, it's rather unnerving to pee (wee for Brits) surrounded by so many mirrors.

I completely neglected to take a picture of Sketch's sign outside, as I was distracted by this faceless dog. His story intrigues me. 

After tea, many of us headed over to Liberty to wander- I've got pictures (of course!) that I'll share with you next week!

Moving update: Today Paul finalized his last bits and pieces at work, we had a going-away lunch at The Welly (I am going to miss their food so desperately!), we walked three miles round-trip across Harrogate city centre to our vet with both dogs and Mia in my L.L.Bean tote, as it's smaller than her airline kennel for their fit-to-fly health certificates (and kudos to Mia, she didn't pee in my bag despite being a bit anxious from the street noise), and then we went to York for a ghost tour with some close friends for a last hurrah.  The final goodbyes have started...
Two full days in Harrogate left. 

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