August 3, 2012

2 Real Food Cafe on Food Day Friday!

You may have noticed that I haven't posted a Farm Delivery Friday in a couple of weeks- this is for good reason, as we've been on holiday in Spain and Portugal!  You'll of course hear all about that in the coming weeks- but for now, here's some Food-Day-Friday for you!

 When we took our long trip through the Highlands two years ago (I can't believe it's been that long!), we stopped at a little cafe in the middle of Glen Coe- The Real Food Cafe. We decided this would be a perfect place to revisit for lunch on our drive home from Oban- and once again, it didn't disappoint!
There was one change this time- I remembered to take pictures!

The Cafe is set up cafeteria-style and has family-style dining, which instantly invokes memories of my favorite barbecue spots around Georgia!  The kitchen is right in front of the dining area, so there are no secrets and all the food is cooked as it's ordered!

The Cafe is big on low-waste and eco-friendly methods, including washable and reusable flatware. If you'd prefer your meal to go, that's no problem- they've got wooden (and biodegradable!) flatware as well!

Desserts and treats are fresh-baked, just like your mama made 'em. 

Oh, and that missing strawberry? It was delicious!

The board across the back of the counter describes the Cafe's development and business morales- it's all right there in front of both customers and employees!

The counter.

Remember I told you they support eco-friendly and sustainable practices? If you order water, you get it- and the tables have tidy, clean stacks of reusable plastic tumblers!

If you ever find yourself in Glen Coe, consider yourself lucky! It's a gorgeous area! 
But also consider The Real Food Cafe for a meal (or two)- they make your stomach AND soul feel good!

(This post was entirely of my own doing; no sponsorship involved. Sadly!)


  1. I'm catching up on "common language" and it is big fun.
    Thanks so much. I live in Pittsburgh and we have our own language issues.


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